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Property Management-Bookkeeping Services

  • Using Quickbooks Online, you and your accountant have access to your books
  • Your bank accounts and credit card accounts can be integrated into Quicbooks.
  • Get P&L reports, balance sheet and other reports at a snap of a finger
  • Invoice tenants, accounts payable, accounts receivables
  • Scan all receipts, invoices, and documents and attached scanned bills to each bill entered into Quickbooks
  • Interface with your accountant for 1099’s and other needs.

On Call 24/7

Rick Gomolka Realty is available for emergencies 24x7x365, rest assured there is someone able to respond to issues while you away on vacation or when you are home fast asleep!

Learn More About Property Management

Lease Preparation

Rick Gomolka Realty has over 1500 Residential lease preparations under our belt. We have great addenda and have seen almost everything under the sun. We handle issues you don’t even know that are only a matter of time before you get stung! We make sure your leases comply with security deposit laws to prevent against treble damage claims.

Tenant Vetting

Rick Gomolka Realty can handle the gamut from credit report checks, employment verification to almost any criteria you set.

Escrow Services

We manage and deposit your rents and pay your bills and keep online accessibility, so you can see your money is safe and sound. We can open tenant escrow accounts and report interest earned to avoid treble damages on security deposit holds.

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